Mortgage Detective


Have you ever considered checking your mortgage or debt statements for errors?

Many people have, and to their amazement have found errors which have cost thousands of dollars as well as lost time.

Imagine compounding these errors over a longer period with simple mistakes such as an incorrect date entry, an interest rate change not accounted for, or perhaps even extra payments not included on your statement.

Well that’s exactly what Mortgage Detective looks for, and easily finds. But it had to work for me before I could ask others to check it out. And sure enough, there were mistakes which constituted lost interest and therefore overpayments to my loan.

Mortgage Detective will take your information and if it finds any errors, will produce a report which you simply send off to the bank. Banks cannot fix mistakes unless they are made aware of them, and now you have the tool available to help them out.

Find and fix any mistakes and pay off your debts far more quickly, putting that lost money back into your pocket.

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