Nobby Kleinman

Founder and Developer of Money Rules

Nobby Kleinman used to be a financial planner. Today he is recognised as having developed the world’s foremost personal money management program which anyone can use.

Financial planning has failed to address the most basic element of people’s needs, how to manage their personal daily living money!

Nobby Kleinman is passionate about helping you work through what should be considered proper financial planning, and it starts with the very basic elements of how to manage your money and what to look for in creating long-term wealth.

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Being a rebel by nature, Nobby Kleinman often challenged the status quo and would find a better way to do something. Management were pleased to see him go because he was unconventional in his approach, and they didn’t want that.

Nobby left financial planning in 2006 after two decades of building a successful career and a flourishing business. He saw problems arising in an industry that would eventually become totally dominated by the banks and controlled by government and regulation.

Constantly besieged with the knowledge that what should have been basic financial planning advice didn’t even scratch the surface, he took it upon himself to develop a software program so simple yet revolutionary, that it was a paradigm shift in financial management and thinking.

His programs are available to people globally and the results speak for themselves. No longer is basic financial advice as complicated as another language. It is simple to understand and easily managed by anyone who knows how to use a keyboard. Money Rules is a budget killer and a complete shift in thinking for personal money management in eliminating debt and creating wealth.

In 2013 Nobby wrote his first financial book Want More Money Honey targeted at the female audience and followed this up later with Rich Girl Poor Girl a novel fairy tale style approach including an animated video of the story. The story and video transcends ages and mothers are showing it to their daughters. It can be seen at